Tattoo Bleed: What to do when your new tattoos bleed a lot

Tattoo Bleed: What to do when your new tattoos bleed a lot.

Bleeding referred to as a way of losing blood from your body either internally or externally. It can happen internally because of infection or terrible accident. On the other hand, external bleeding takes place when a hard or sharp object pierced the skin either knowingly or unknowingly. It can also happen because of accidents or surgery.

Tattoo bleeding is a normal procedure that someone been tattooed need to go through but when it is taking more than necessary, which is when it becomes a problem. There are two major ways of bleeding when it comes to tattooing. They are blood bleeding and ink bleeding.

Most times, the blood bleeding occurs due to some complications on the skin in the process of tattooing or because of your handy work (picking at scab).

One can also bleed ink after the process of tattooing because you have a better tattoo on and sometimes it may be a mistake on the part of your tattoo artist. Whichever way it happens, you still need to take precautions.

When we force sharp objects through our skins just as we do in the case of tattooing, it may bleed. That is the reason why it is normal for tattoos to bleed right after they were done. You have just got your skin punctured so it is normal to bleed a little, but not enough to actually create blood drops.

If your tattoo bleeds and it has been a few hours after you have got it done, then that means a lot has happened which needs to be dealt with accordingly. Just as we, all know that, we are made of skin not paper, most of the pictures we drew on our body were found on the paper and they appear beautiful and enticing then we forget that it is on paper.

Tattoos bleed between 12-36 hours after it has been done and then it began to heal gradually which prevents the bleeding from continuing. After making your tattoo, there are a few reasons why your tattoo may bleed more provided proper care is not taken.

The first is the high intake of alcohol during the process. It is advisable for you to stay away from alcohol when having your tattoo done to prevent excess bleeding.

More so, if you take painkillers before getting your tattoo you can also be subjected to excessive bleeding after the act of tattooing. The above-mentioned points will not only subject you to excessive bleeding but will also enable the creation of small holes where the tattoo is inscribed.

When you have the tattoo in a particular part of your body like shoulder, arms etc. You can also experience excessive bleeding due to where you have your tattoo because of the blood pressure in the regions.

As we know that individual body structure is different, bleeding may not occur in some people’s parts that are mentioned before now while that of some other people may bleed a lot. Do not be deceived, you should know that tattooing would definitely bring about bleeding.

Since it has been affirm that everyone bleeds after tattooing, there is the need for you to know the causes and what to do if the bleeding continues for a longer period. If this is your case, you should take note of the following.

Causes of tattoo bleeding

  • Intake of painkillers

When you experience blood and ink bleed, do not fear or be disturbed because nothing happens without a reason. It must have been that you have taken one of the painkillers, which prevented your blood from becoming thick or clothed, and as a result, it flows out uncontrollably because holes have been created for it to come out and this can prevent the healing from being fast.

  • Infection

It may also be that you have contracted a particular disease, which has prevented your tattooing from being heal. When your tattoo artist used the unsterilized equipment on you, there is every probability that you get infected. This is reveal by bleeding and dropping where the tattoo was done.

  • Picking at the scab

Another major thing that can cause severe bleeding after tattooing is picking at the scab of a tattoo. Picking at the scab of your tattoo is another dangerous thing that you should not do because it can make your tattoo to bleed a lot.

More so, you are now made to have a open sore on your body which is not very good for you. This can also make you to open the door for infection. It will also spoil the work of an artist.

  • Wrong or amateur artist

Getting the wrong artist to do your tattoo for you can result in mishap for you. Some artist may claim to know what they do not know pertaining to tattoos and as a result, you find the artist damaging your skin.

That is the more reason why you must do your research adequately before asking someone to do your tattoos or get adequate knowledge before self-beatifications. If not you are writing letters to complications which may later result to bleeding excessively.


What to do

  • Do not entertain fear

When you experience bleeding, there is no point crying over spilled milk. At this juncture it is very important that you don’t entertain fear; this is the first thing you need to put at the back of your mind.

As you know that none of us enjoy seeing his or her own blood coming out of him or her but in as much you have decided to tattoo your skin you should be ready to bear the brouhaha without any fear in order to make the solutions come faster.

  • Visit a dermatologist

Also,  what to consider when your tattoos bleed a lot is to visit a dermatologist, who can make things work out for you to be on a safer side. This is to help you get the best treatment now that your tattoo has been ruin.

  • Constant cleaning

Always keep your tattoo clean when there is excessive bleeding after your tattoo has been done. Never scratch your tattoo to prevent the unwanted instead covers it with polysporin. Try as much as possible to repeat the cleaning exercise as many times as possible.


Finally, for the first couple of days there will be some discharge and blood. This is because someone just rapidly jabbed a needle into your skin deep enough to permanently set ink, repeatedly.

A tattoo is an open wound! Keep it clean, do not expose it to harmful environments, and do not panic if your new wound has some reddish discharge.

For the purpose of reiteration, tattooing is an act of penetrating the skin repeatedly with tiny needles to get the ink through. The amount of blood depends on several factor of which health being the biggest one. If you take care of yourself for example, stay out of the sun, have a decent diet, drink plenty of water, moisturize, take vitamins.

By practicing all the above it makes your skin a better canvas to be tattooed on. Do away with Smoking, doing recreational drugs, sun tanning, a poor diet and drinking before a tattoo makes your skin not good and also makes your blood to bleed more.





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