First tattoo tips for beginners: before you get tattooed

First tattoo tips for beginners: before you get tattooed

It is a matter of great excitement when you have your first tattoo done. Undoubtedly, tattoos look good but the right placement makes them look stunning. Believe it or not, the placement of a tattoo matters the most. Therefore, if you are confused with your first tattoo placement then it is important that you keep your calm.

If you will get a tattoo for the first time, you need to consider the fact that your tattoo depends on several factors like:

Deciding on pleasing tattoo

Tattoos are highly personal, and you should get something that pleases and satisfies you. There are trends in tattooing, so if there is a particular design you see everywhere, you might want to steer well clear of it, or not. It is your choice. Do your research on the different styles that you want for yourself. Is it the watercolor, minimalist, micro, Neo traditional etc.

However, not all designs work as tattoos. Before you get your heart set on a particular thing, talk about it with a few artists, and get their thoughts on feasibility.

More so, do no ink in your sweetheart’s name, initials on your body. It is a recipe for regret. Although it is beautiful and powerful thing to get a tattoo to honor your connection with a significant other, but there are better ways than names or initials to that. Such as choosing things that represents significant for them both.

Appropriateness of tattoo design

It is a thing of choice for you to get your tattoo wherever you wanted. Nevertheless, the appropriateness of your tattoo also matters. For instance, if you had chosen a coquettish tattoo design, it should be place hidden. Particularly when the nature of your job permits it.

Appropriateness of you tattoo is very important for many reasons; just everything will work everywhere; some areas hurt more than the other did and there is every probability that you will want more tattoos.

Being a first tattoo, I would recommend one of the less painful areas and a design on the smaller side. With this, you can test the waters in terms of your pain tolerance, without committing to a whopping 6-hours session that you end up wishing you never walked into the first place.

Decide on the best artist

You need to decide the best artist to go to. This is another important decision you need to make because this can mar or make your tattoo. If you want the best then you must be willing to get it from the best source. Choosing the right artist for you will make all the difference to how you enjoy the process and possible how you feel about the finished piece. As you know, different artists specialize in different things. Once you have decided what style of tattoo you want then do lots of research into the artist that specialize in it. Look at portfolios and read reviews on their social media pages.

After deciding on the best artist, you should also trust your artist’s opinion. A good artist will take a design and run away with it. You might have an idea of what you want or like, but your artists should be able to make the design work for you, make it unique, and hopefully in a way that you love it

If you are able to, pop into the shop before your appointment to meet artist. You do not need to like them enough to marry them, but you do need to get a vibe for the place and person. This is personal business and you should feel as comfortable as possible when someone comes at you with a tattoo gun.

Also, try as much as possible to go to licensed parlors for your tattoo. They should have the license displayed in a prominent area. The needles should be one use or sterilized in an autoclave. The ink should also be freshly poured out for you at the moment.

The duration

You should also determine how long you want to wait for your tattoo to be done. Remember, you will have the rest of your life to enjoy it, unless you decide to remove it or cover it up. If you can wait six months to a year between deciding on the specific tattoo you want, and getting paid tattoo, chances are you really want it.

Preparations for the mean Day

While you recognize what to do before getting a tattoo, the day of your tattoo requires a very extraordinary arrangement of necessities! Try not to stress; they are not very difficult to learn. In the first place, pack the entirety of your basics. A completely energized telephone (with a back-up battery, for enormous tattoos) will be your closest companion. Any meeting that takes longer than an hour ought to be joined by bites, water, and perhaps a sweet beverage. Use earphones to hush up about your digital recordings and antiperspirant to remain quiet about your personal stench. Breaks are likewise run of the mill for longer meetings, so do not be hesitant to inquire!

Regardless of whether you need to talk or not is up to you. Numerous specialists favor quietness while others babble throughout the day. Trustworthiness is the main thing that truly matters in your cooperation. On that note, regard your artist. Remain as could reasonably be expected and tune in to anything they state. On the off chance that they need you to move in a specific position, do it. On the off chance that it is excessively awkward, let them know—however now and again these things would not benefit from outside assistance and the artist needs that skintight.

You must be in a good state of mind

Many people get tattoos when they are in emotional places; in love, or grieving, or just out of personal struggle. In addition, all these things are valid things to want to commemorate your skin. However, you should be in as balanced a state of mind as possible when getting your first ink.

The size

As you are deciding the tattoo that you want, you also need to know it. Have a clear understanding of what type of tattoo you want. Is it script? Is it a few words or is it a long phrase? What do you want? Figure out how to set up the words to make it aesthetically pleasing.

The size will also determine its placement. Small tattoo is easy, you can get a small tattoo on any part of your body, like your fingers, thumb, wrist, arm, ankle or anywhere. A large tattoo on the other hand should be place on larger areas, like your back, rib, thighs, chest, shoulder etc. Before you decide on where to place your tattoo, it is important for you to consider the size of it.


The cost

The cost of your tattoo also plays an important role when it comes to the tattooing. A small tattoo does not cost much while the larger ones are very expensive. This means if you have a budget constraint, then going for a smaller tattoo will be an ideal decision.

Your personality

Humans are born with different personality traits.  Not everyone is the same in nature and behavior. Some people are bold while some are shy in nature. Most times, those that are shy in nature will definitely like to have their tattoo in a hidden place.

The intensity of the pain

On a final note, the intensity of pain will also determine the placement of your first tattoo. You may be planning to get a tattoo for the first time, I am sure that you know tattooing is painful. With tattoos come pains and sometimes it is huge.

If you are getting your tattoo on your thigh, it will be more painful because of the amount of flesh in that area. However, if you plan to get your first tattoo on your finger , then it is going to be tremendously painful.

Finally, make sure you find out all important information about tattooing before you embark on the journey. Try to follow the tips given above as these will go a long way to help you.

Personal experience (a friend)

Had two tattoos when I was early twenties and used to live on my own. Each one is about 4 inches in diameter, and one to each shoulder (they are on the sides of my shoulders) – so they are not visible when I am wearing at least a short-sleeve t-shirt (but become visible if you lift the sleeve of my shirt up).

I come from an extremely conservative and traditional family, and am probably the only or one of very few of all of my numerous relatives (immediate and extended) to have had this done; therefore, it’s a huge leap for me; something I was raised to consider extremely off-limits and disallowed.

My parents would probably strongly prefer me to have rather done hard drugs than to ever get a tattoo (and I did sporadically use hard drugs, which they caught me on when I was younger and used to live with them, and this made them break down and cry in extreme anguish).

Anyways, since I had moved out when I was 20, and lived on my own for many years, being the brave and independent personality I am, I got the discreet tattoos I wanted, thinking that they will never be a source of stress, since I will never become dependent on my parents again. Fast forward to 25 years old, and I ended back home due to inability to sustain the source of my livelihood.

Now living in my parent’s household again, I often have background anxiety, as I need to be “alert” with my posture and limb positioning as to not let them see and find out about my tattoos. I cannot wear white t-shirts in the light since the tattoos would slightly show through my shirts. In addition, my parents like to occasionally buy me shirts and sweaters they find on sale.

They ask me to try it on in front of them to see how it fits. I usually mumble some sort of excuse or find some way to run to the bathroom or my room with the new clothes, put them on, and then stands VERY NERVOUSLY in front of them while they inspect the fitment, hoping that they do not lift or flip the wrong areas and spot the tattoos.

If they were to spot the tattoos, it would result in my father flying into a rage, kicking me out onto the streets where there is no shelter on me.

Long story short, I am paying the price for my tattoos in amounts and ways I did not expect when I was getting them (even though I personally would not and probably still do not regret getting them). When I was younger, I have always had the notion that getting a tattoo comes along with a significant price paid in one form or another.

Right before getting the tattoo, it suddenly seemed to me that these price/consequences to be paid would be much smaller than I used to imagine when I was younger. Sometime after I got the tattoo, alas, life indeed forced me to pay the full price that I had initially assumed and anticipated when I was much younger.

I am also very aware that visible tattoos regularly hinder people’s prospects for landing jobs, and that tattoos of any kind may also reduce your pool of possible friends and accepting relationship partners

Lastly, the novelty and excitement that the tattoos brought to me at first really just about wore off completely after the first few years. Overall, I could easily imagine not having gotten them and being just as happy or happier. Nevertheless, they do not make me miserable either. I guess the whole experience around my tattoos taught you one or two things.


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