Best tattoo machines for beginners

10 Best Tattoo Machines For Beginners

As we grow daily, we learn better ways of doing things. Technology also keep advancing every day, as it advances, the way we do our things become modified. So is the way we beautify our skin. In time past, most of our ancestors use needles in inscribing on their skin but today, technology has put in place a painless way of inscribing on the skin.

For everything we do on earth, there is always the first time and the beginning of a thing is very important. Beginning a thing, there is the need for proper preparation for a better result. For you to get started well, you need to get the right kits. Hence, the reason for the best tattoo kits for the beginners.

As the one who is planning to become great in terms of tattooing then you need to go a thousand mile and do a lot of research for the best resources needed to make this happen. For this reason, you will need to read everything here to decide on the best materials to make your work a perfect one.


Types of tattoo machine

A tattoo machine is a device attached to your hand to inscribe a tattoo on the skin with ink. The tattoo can be permanent or temporary depending on your choice.

In these modern days, there are different types of tattoo machine put in place for artist use. Each of these machines has it functions and how it is been used. The activities of the machine depends on how the artist has decided to use it either as a group or one. The most common of the tattoo machines are the liners and shaders. We also have pneumatic machines, rotary or linear machines and coil tattoo machines.


Rotary tattoo machine is the main tattoo machine from rotary technology. The machine was put in place by Samuel O’Reilly and developed by the users year in year out.

Rotary tattoo machines function in two different ways to achieve a particular goal. In the first place, it moves the needles in out of the skin for ink to go deeper using electric motor. On the other hand, rotary tattoo machines are very quiet. They are constantly powered which results in a smoothie needle movement.

These machines are very easy to use by all sundry. Not just that, the machines are very easy to handle which reduces hand cramps and pain. It can be use for lining and shading. It reduces stress of maintenance. You need less time in taking care of it.


Coil tattoo machines are the most popular machines often used. They use electromagnetic circuit in moving the needle. Coil machines are of different types from individual- coiled machines to triple-coiled machines. They are been made from different kinds of materials into different sizes and shapes.

The ones with double coils are said to be advance. They are between eight and ten wrap coils. The machines cause less pain to the skin. This type of machine often makes the loudest noise when being used which makes it very different from rotary tattoo machine. This kind of machine can be use to create great tattoos.


The use of a liner tattoo machine is to allow the ink within the skin at a glance to create a legible line. The element in the machine that allows this is the short contact circuit, which is about 1.5mm-2 mm. Liners, are set up with one to seven needles which are placed in circle. This type of machine usually runs faster amidst all the tattoo machines. Liners use less power to perform its operations. They are design to offer deep, dominant, and precise lines in a single stroke.


The shader tattoo is often using to shade black. There are times one can also use this machine in other colors. The level at which it passes ink into the body is very low. It uses contact gap that is bigger compared to that of a liner, which is about 2mm-3.5mm, making the work slower. Most artists use this to trace lines since it causes less pain on the skin.

Shaders are set up with more than four needles, which are usually in a straight line like that of a comb. Unlike that of liner, the shaders use higher power capacitor because of the larger amount of needles, which needed to penetrate deep into the skin.


The artist called Carson Hill in the year 2000 put the first of this kind in place. It is an offshoot of the rotary tattoo machine. It is very easy to use and light in weight. This machine uses air to move the needles up and down. It can be placed on an electronic device without separating any part of it for cleaning.

10 Best Tattoo Machines

  1. Dragonhawk Mast Tour Tattoo Pen Machine Kit

Dragonhawk is an international supplier of different kinds of tattoo kits, machines, inks and tattoo tips for an excellent tattoo. Their products are amazingly distinct from all other products of tattoo across the world. Dragonhawk Master Tour Tattoo Pen Machine Kit is one of the great machines made by the company.

This machine is exceptionally unique and it is of great value. The machine is very easy to carry around in your bags. This is specially made for traveling. For those with fear of not making their tattoos when planning to travel, Dragonhawk has made everything possible with a baggable machine being addressed here.

It has a LED light that is working which makes your work possible in the night and its frame is separate with the grip.

  • Easy to clean

It will be a thing of pain if after some hours of working, you still need so many hours to clean your machine but the case is not the same with this machine because the machine is very easy to clean after use.

  • Portable in size

This is a machine that can be carried about to make your money anytime and anywhere. There is no more fear of missing the opportunity to inscribe your tattoo; you can always take it to wherever you are going.

  • Excellent precision

This machine gives a clean and accurate design since its grip is autoclave. It lines well, gives fine dot work, with well color packing, good shading as well as black and grey realistic.

  • Work for long hours

When we talk of machines that can withstand working for longer hours then the aforementioned machine is an exceptional. A machine can work for at least 3,000 hours. You can finish so many tattoos at a go without any damage done to your arms or machine.

  • Item returnable

The Dragonhawk company gives the room for you to return this item if any part of it is not in order before use which may not be granted considering other tattoo kits.


  • It is cheap and affordable.
  • The settings are not complicated.
  • It is simple and classic.
  • It is smooth, soft and quiet.
  • Continuous operation.
  • It is a perfect tool for tattoo artist.
  • It gives ideal healing results.
  • It has stronger power; compatible  with all standard tattoo power supplies .
  • Less fatigue.
  • It is made of high-grade aluminum.


  • It requires oiling.
  • The shipping price can be high.

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  1. Dragonhawk Mast Tour Pen Machine Cartridges Gun 

This is another Dragonhawk unique product. The shortest tattoo machine is designed with special component and motor hit. Just as the first item discussed here, this machine is also baggable. The travelers can use it. As you know that Dragonhawk products are of great standard; this machine has a high quality stainless steel spring inside its body mechanism.

  • Great pictures

With this machine, artists can also have great work for their clients. Its lining is perfect; it gives nice dot work with excellent color packing, shading and exceptional black and realistic grey.

  • Can work for long hours

This machine can also work for longer hours without causing any arm cramping and pains because of its small size. It can work for as long as 3,000 hours.

  • It pack faster

Mast Tour Tattoo machine is small with 25 mm grip which makes it easy to pack. The arrangement is not complicated thereby giving less trauma but with great quality.

  • Item returnable

The tattoo machine can also be returned if you find out that the pack is not with what you order for.

  • Mast tour grip autoclave

The grip is safe to be sterilized in an autoclave. You can rotate the grip to remove it or adjust needle depth.

  • Innovation special mechanism

This machine is compatible with all tattoo cartridges. It is made of high quality stainless steel spring inside it which makes it give a good direct hit together with enough softness. It can do all kind of works.

  • wear-resistant RCA jack and light running

It has been tested lot of time and use polymer materials RCA jack. It can work with all standard tattoo power supplies.


  • It is affordable.
  • Effortless to cover and protect.
  • Effective cartridge change and replacement.
  • It is simple and classic.
  • It transfers ink gently and smoothly.
  • Solid color packing.
  • It is very strong.
  • It is with big power.
  • Super light.
  • It is not mostly.


  • You may have to make a couple of passing when packing color.
  • Shipping may be costly.

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  1. Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Dragonhawk produces exceptionally great tattoo machines, so, we cannot stop talking about them. Here is another excellent machine from Dragonhawk. This is excellent because it is much quieter and makes little or no noise when compared to conventional tattoo devices.

This machine is put in place to give you the closest feel to an exact pen that you can get with a tattoo machine.

  • Light weight

The machine is very light in weight because of its unibody and small size.

  • Portable for traveling

The travelers are also considering in putting this machine in place unlike those tattoo machines with heavy weight. For this reason, your desire to have your tattoo on at anytime, any day and any place are adequately met.

  • It comes with a lot of kits

Its package include 1PC Atom Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine with DC Clip Cord, 1Pic power supply with cable, 20pcs assorted sizes Cartridge Needles, 1pc foot pedal, 1pc tattoo kit carry case.


  • Low noise.
  • Long lasting.
  • Better user experience.
  • Strong and powerful.
  • Stable operation.
  • Switch frequency.
  • The packaging is neat.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Shipping can be expensive.
  • It is not returnable.

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  1. Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

Stigma is another rotary machine advanced to meet your yearning for a professional tattooing. This company is a professional tattoo supporter, which gives room for the artist to design and test each machine made by them.

This MK648 is another uniquely made machine, which was also tested and proven. This can be use either by a beginner or by professional.

  • Item returnable

This machine can be returned to the company if not found in the proper order when checked. This opportunity is not common to most of the tattoo machine. You need not entertain fear once this machine is paid as you can always change it to the right one as at when due.

  • It comes with blank tattoo skin practice

For those artists who may want to practice before starting their work, this machine comes with this opportunity. It is packed with tattoo skin practice, which is a Yuelong Double side 10 sheets 8*6 tattooing and micro-blading. This will enable you to have a clean and perfect work.

  • One year warranty

Another advantage that this machine has when bought is that you can replace it after being used for some time and it develops a fault.


  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is smooth.
  • It can be used for shading and lining.
  • It contains five high quality popular inks.
  • No heat for long I me working.


  • Ink can only be used for practice.
  • It is weight.
  • It requires professional ink for use on human skin.

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  1. Dragonhawk Raven 2 Rotary Tattoo Machine Soft Hard

We keep coming to Dragonhawk machines because this company will never disappoint you when it comes to production of quality machines for your tattooing. This machine can work on a difficult skin that other machines may find hilarious.

It also designed to operate over a variable voltage range depending on personal preference and the type of work being created. The machine BBB package includes one Raven 2 rotary tattoo machine, one 304 steel traditional tattoo grip.

  • Exceptional precision

This machine perfectly lines and packs on difficult skins and places. It is color realistic. Both new school and dot work styles are not left out.

  • It is returnable

To show how perfect a Dragonhawk machine can always be, you are given the opportunity to return if not suitable for use after buying which I am very sure that you may not even happened.

Most of the Dragonhawk machines can be returned if not in order to show that they are customer friendly.


  • It packs faster.
  • It is of good quality and less trauma.
  • It has hit adjuster.
  • It is simple and classic
  • It is affordable..


  • Heavy weight.
  • The shipping price is high.
  • The parts are complicated.
  • Not easy to clean.

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  1. ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Thermal Copier Printer US Plug

An Atomus tattoo printer is a stencil transfer machine you can use to create stencils for your tattoo designs. They are made to normal copy designs like a photocopier would, except its output is in a thermal paper which can then let you transfer the sketch on the skin. They are very different from a traditional ink printer, giving them a very distinct functionality.


It should also be noted that the term ‘tattoo printer’ is slowly taking on a different meaning lately. With advances in technology, some devices can now print directly on the skin, creating temporary skin art in the process. These can also be refers to as tattoo machines.

  • Ability to copy design even faster

Copy the design onto the transfer papers easily and quickly. This tattoo printer has fast transfer printing speed, low heat, low noise and stable performance.

  • Useful Accessories

Package includes 1pc tattoo thermal copier, 1pc power supply cable and the instruction book.

  • Rest the machine between 1-2 sheet transfer

For better transfer effect, the machine should rest for a few minutes after 1-2 sheets transfer.


  • Thermal copier and tattoo printer
  • White hard plastic body
  • Dedicated control buttons
  • Indicator lights for Power and Error
  • 17 kg weight
  • Mirror, Copy, and Deepness modes


  • Can only transfer line graph
  • Limitation with papers with lot of shading

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7  Stigma Streamer Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

The stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen is popular among it equal and well acceptable products by tattoo artist globally. Its main strength lies in how it works perfectly for both lining and shading, which is rare in most tattoo machines. It is more suitable for the coloring of small tattoos, more delicate, it is better for the color embellishment of small patterns.

  • Perfect handling of bottleneck in lining

Solved a series of problems of traditional tattoo pens, tired lining, missing color , and improper lining, light and short, can be used with universal wireless power supply currently on the market handy effortless, support meticulous lining of delicate small patterns. Unique interior design concept and primary high speed motor.

  • Moderate Operation

The characteristic of the Streamer tattoo pen is the smooth needle ejection and stable bearings when it works on small patterns, the pen speed is uniform and smooth, and no ink leakage, no excessive pressure, and it can even be used for eyebrows and lips.

  • Grace to return/refund

For any reason if you are not fully satisfied with our tattoo machine, just simply contact us for a full refund or exchange.

  • Japanese Motor Technology

This tattoo machine is power with Japan Motors, which give a vibration-free running of the device. By being vibration-free, one can make intricate designs without any error or disturbance. This motor also gets charged quickly and does not overheat

  • CE Certified

You don’t have to worry if this product complies with environmental or safety standards since it has CE certification, which indicates that it is safe to use. Before buying a tattoo machine, one must check if it complies with CE stands for their own safety.


  • Suitability for small tattoos with very delicate and smooth lines
  • Fast frequency
  • High efficiency
  • Faster in small tattoo completion
  • Comes with battery indicator
  • Has One year warranty
  • High-speed operation
  • Minimal skin damage
  • Making the machine operate like a real pen and draw smooth lines.


  • It is expensive.

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  1. Dragonhawk Atom M1 Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Pen

This reasonably priced tattoo machine is excellent for beginners and season tattoo artists who are looking for affordable options. Moreover, made with medical-grade engineering plastic that makes it highly durable by giving it added strength along with medical safety.

  • Long lasting Stability

Dragonhawk Atom M1 tattoo pen machine has RCA jack, with a long time continuous operation and stability, it has a very low noise, Light in  weight, unibody and  Compatible with all standard cartridge needles.

  • Versatile

One of the true test of a good tattoo machine is its ability to make dynamic and versatile designs. This product is compatible with different tasks like lining, shading, and coloring alike. it has stability while in operation.

  • Toughness of its needle

The cartridge needles has high toughness silicone rebound maintains its original flexibility and strength with long time work. Indentation at tip enhances ink flow and saturation. Membrane mechanism prevents ink spit back

  • Useful package/accessories

This product comes with power supply, 10pcs assorted sizes Cartridge Needles, RCA Clip Cord ,1pc Foot Pedal, Immortal colors.


  • Low noise
  • Light weight
  • Offers a better and friendly user experience
  • It prevent ink spit back
  • Enhances ink flow and saturation
  • High puncturing power and frequency


  • No warranty

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  1. Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Since the beginning of 21st century technology has been advancing and cut across every sectors and tattooing is not left out, as such if you are looking for a very dynamic and flexible multipurpose hybrid pen then we got your cover with Solong Tattoo Pen Kit. There are some wonderful packages with this kit, which are wireless battery and 50 needles.


  • Made with rugged materials

this tattoo pen is made of aircraft aluminum alloy which is very strong and light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance with anodized finished. It would not get hot for long time working.

  • The Pen designed like actual Pen

This was designed to give you a closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with a tattoo machine. It can use to do tattooing, permanent eyebrows makeup, lip line, eye line with accuracy without shifting. All in one pen made multipurpose! Well known for its precision compare with other tattoo pen.

  • CE Certified

One of its edge over others is been certified with relevant authority and boost confident on its usage on delicate part of the body like eyebrows and lips. The certification gives an assurance on safety on human health with measures.

  • One Year Warranty

So far Solong backs this product with a one year warranty means that the brand has a strong believe in this devices. This actually assures the buyers and users that if your product develop any manufacturing defects or fault within twelve months of purchase, then it will be taken care of by the company.


  • Charges very fast
  • Wireless power supply
  • it produces low noise
  • High precision strokes
  • Made with aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Very affordable



  • Its battery lack accuracy

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  1. Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Coil Machine (Liner+Shader)

Many people want to have a tattoo coil machine that can provide all-round performance. This tattoo coil machine is an amazing one that you will start feeling the difference once you deal with this tattoo machine. The assurance I can give you is that no need of looking for another tattoo coil machine for shading and lining on your customer skin because of the satisfaction you will get using this machine.

  • Wonderful construction

Let quickly give a review of the construction. This handmade coil machine construction is impressive and eye-catchy. The frame of this coil machine is iron made. The attractive feature is, despite being a heavy coil machine, it is lightweight. Very durable enough that you can get service from this machine for an extended period.

  • Moderate speed

The running speed of this machine is medium. However, that does not mean you will get less productivity from this machine. Simply start using this product and give all responsibility to its shoulder and see how exceptional performance this product is giving you and you will not regret. 10 wrap black coils with a 47uf capacitor.

  • High rank on Amazon store

This product is among the best and among high rank products on Amazon due to the quest in satisfying customers to get value for their money. Also, if you feel this product is not giving you the best performance, contact the manufacturer. They will refund the product with your money-back.


  • All-round performer to create liner and shader on the tattooing area.
  • Durable with iron made frames.
  • Value-adding product that you cannot question its performance.
  • Excellent machine with smooth lining.


  • Inconsistency.

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Important considerations before purchasing the best tattoo machine for beginners

There are series of factors to put in consideration before making decision in selecting best tattoo machines for beginners. Perhaps the quality of the design might be affected; even the burning passion to get tattooing or to be an artist might fade away if wrong decisions on choices are made:

  • Design and materials constituents

The constituent of the materials must be very ok for the purpose it is been use for, not made with heavy metal but very light aluminum alloy since the weight of machine really matter. The materials also must be made of premium-grade that can be easy and convenient different kind of designs.

  • Compatibility

The ability and strength of the material must be directly proportional to the tensile strength of the needle. Since the materials, for the machine is compatible with the needles hence you will not need to buy too many machines before achieving your goal with optimum satisfaction.

  • Speed

The speed or rate at which a tattoo machines moves will be major determinant factor to the number of works or tasks completed in a given instance of time. For examples creation of fine lines, strong lines, shades, tones, textures etc.

Ideally, a machine’s speed can be anywhere from 50 to 3000 (m/s). Find yourself one that can be adjusted in speed with voltage and other settings for diverse work as a beginner.

  • Types

The type of the tattoo machine plays a vital role. For beginners, rotary or coil is a good choice. However, if you have a taste for modern tech and you can afford it, you should definitely get the pneumatic machine.

  • Durability

A machine that can survive everyday is wear and tear, especially if you travel. More importantly, its parts should be able to withstand the vibrations for it to work for a longer span of time since it cannot do without consistent vibration to the nature of its works.

  • User-Friendly

As a newbie, ensure you could lay your hands on a user-friendly tattoo machine that will allow you to adapt to the tattoo style easily. Once you are comfortable using a user-friendly machine, you can advance your skills with other more robust machines.

  • Safety and Security

The precision of the needle, the speed of the machine, quality of the parts, and circuit, all play an important role in determining the safety and security of the machine. Make sure that the grip is comfortable and not too painful, and overall, it is a safe machine to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know, tattooing is not an easy task. For beginners, it becomes even trickier and messy if they do not have access to suitable tools and kits with right information.

As we have discussed some of the supportive kits earlier, these will be helpful for beginners. Still, there could be many questions in beginners mind and we are going to answer a few of them in the following sections to make the process easier and clearer for our audience:

  1. The how of Setting up a Tattoo Machine for Beginners?

Being a beginner, it is a good idea to buy a starter kit as it contains all the essential parts and equipment you will ever need for the tattoo machine.

However, if you are looking for high-grade components, then purchasing them separately might be a better option. While starter kit may have it, you will definitely require small-sized screwdrivers and alley keys to set up the machine. The parts will come separately, and you will have to assemble them, the same goes for the power station.

Sanitation is a vital part of setting up a machine. Make sure that the needle is sharp, not dull. It should fall around 2 mm to 1 mm long for piercing and not more or less than that. After that, you will most likely have a manual or guide to follow and assemble the set together.

  1. What Equipment Do I Need To Start Tattooing?

You definitely need a tattoo machine with a working- power supply station along with containers where those tools can be safely kept, especially after the cleaning procedure. Medical supplies are the most crucial part of the equipment.

In medicine, you need an antiseptic ointment, methanol and cleaner for machine and skin, both. Disinfectant wipes and rubbing alcohol is necessary. Cotton pads and medical waste disposal is also important.

You will also need latex gloves (Surgical gloves), disposable needles, and razors with a tray to contain them and Vaseline. There are additional investments like germicides, medical scissors, and such that can prove to be very handy.

Rubber nipples, grips, tweezers, and bands are also an important part of the equipment for the needle. Soldering gun and bars are also a handy piece of equipment to have.

Additionally, there is a series of art supplies you will need like a cup holder, and ink-bottles (black and colored). You might also need art sheets, pencil colors, and such to sketch your designs and show them. It is not important to start with all of this, and you can build your collection.

  1. How Deep Do You Set A Tattoo Needle?

You need to reach the dermis layer of the skin of a client. There are three layers on human skin, namely: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissues. Dermis falls in the middle and would sustain the ink, if the needle is deeper than that, it will cause additional pain with a risk of infection and bleeding.

What if the needle is Shallow? The tattoo will fade away eventually. Hence, the adequate length of the needle piercing should be around 1 to 2 mm at best.

  1. How can i Transfer A Tattoo Drawing to my or client skin?

A transfer paper to copy the final design and a deodorant stick for the skin. You can also use other deodorant sprays for the transfer. Make sure that the skin is clean and does not have anything like hair, dirt, and other agents for the transfer paper to work perfectly. A carbon paper or tracing paper to copy the design on transfer paper is also a good option.


  1. Can You Use Wax Paper For Tattoos?

Wax paper is a good choice for tattoos, as it can fulfill different roles.

You can use it to draw and design temporary tattoos on the skin and play with different creative ideas. It is also a good way to offer a ‘sample’ look to your clients before commencing the real procedure.

Wax Paper is also a great choice for tattoo stencils and to transfer them easily. Similar to tracing and transfer paper, they are smooth and transparent. Therefore, it can be a good addition.

The only problem may be the durability of the paper, as this is not the strongest paper.


The best tattoo machines for the beginners are many but we have gone on search for the best among the best in order to aid you with best option to achieve your desires result as a professional tattooist artist.

However, some see tattooing as way of life, as act of telling stories or as a act of been a rebel due to their believes inclination. No matter the origins and purpose, you have to choose right tattoo machines with right accessories and tools, which are pivotal to your dreams in fashion and skin beautification.

The above stated features and reviews of some best tattoo machines for the beginners products will surely help out in making the correct choice and starting your tattooing career fulfilling with fantastic innovations.


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