Best tattoo machine for lining-Reviews and buyers’ guide 2020

People often say that when it comes to art work, it’s more about the skill rather than the tattooing, but if you really have the desire to be a good tattoo artist or desiring to be one is strong enough to make you have all what it takes to give or make you be the best when it comes to tattooing.

With the most reliable tattoo kit or machines, your job as a tattooist becomes easier. The lines and the strokes that you make can become more precise and beautiful with the aid of best tattoo machine for lining.

This results in creation of exceptional skin art your clients’ desire or that you desire.

The tattoo machine for lining can also help to determine your efficiency in doing your work. To be on a safer side, you need to choose right to have the best work.


Benefits of using the right tattoo machine for lining

A rolling stone gathers no moss, so it is with the tattoo machine when you choose the right one in your artistry. The benefits of using the right tattoo machine are numerous but a few will be mention here to make you realize the reasons behind using the right machine when it comes to artwork.

When you use the right tattoo machine for your lining in tattooing, your work comes out great and beautiful. This will enable you creates a lasting impression on the minds of your clients and loved ones. The lines and shading of your work becomes smooth and sharp.

Using the right tattoo machine for your lining will make your work easier and faster, not just that, you will also have a neat work. It allows tattoo artists to create extraordinarily intricate designs that defy the imagination.

Top rated tattoo machine for lining

Just as the popularity of tattooing increases, the variety of tattoo machines available also increases. Provided you are a newbie in tattooing and you are looking for the best tattoo machine for lining to aids your apprenticeship.

Perhaps, you have been desiring or looking for a new best tattoo machine for lining, some of the top rated ones will be evaluated below for you to get acquainted to them and to enable you make the right choice.

It is also very important for you to know that these machines do not live in isolation.

As an artist, you are probably always looking for ways to fine-tune your craft. That is the nature of the business. It is constantly in flux with new trends in vogue. You can apply the same open attitude to your choice of a tattoo machine for lining.

The top rated tattoo machines for lining are hereby enumerated.

  1. Thomas tattoo machine coil tattoo gun brass frame

Thomas coil tattoo machine is a liner built with a cast brass frame and eight wrap tattoo machine for tattoo supplies. This machine is with handmade coil, which makes its work smooth and beautiful.

It is cool height is 28mm. The liner capacitor is 33UF 50V while the shader capacitor is 47UF 63V. It has the best working voltage, which is 6-8; this makes the machine to work for hours without getting hot.

Thomas coil tattoo machine is with speed armature bar. Its spring contact and wing nut are made of copper. In addition to the machine you buy, you will get 2pcs of brass tattoo machine, paper box, a bag tool (o-ring, rubber band, grommets, 5pcs for each 2pcs different size of wrench) to show that the product is no exception.

It is very important that you clean the remains on the tattoo machine after work. Also, smear rust oil in the tattoo machine frame to avoid frame been rusted. The machine is with high strength and it has stable working speed and hitting amazing hard with less power.

As a tattoo artist, choosing this machine for your lining and shading will make your work neat, clear and amazingly beautiful. As amateur, this machine is also recommended for a better practice.


  • Its liner hits hard to create smooth lines.
  • Machine does not get hot after so many hours of tattooing.
  • Easy to tune.
  • Machine can be replaced if there is any issue in six months.
  • Lightweight.
  • It is easy to adjust.


  • It can rust if not properly taken care of.
  • It needs high maintenance and adjustment.

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2.  Dragonhawk coils tattoo machine lining 4460

This machine is a liner machine that is equipped with 10wrap coils. The machine is made of cast iron and superior composite material, which makes your work, comes out smooth and beautiful.

It provides a fast, solid hit at a medium stroke that is suitable for all the line work. Its spring is high elastic and anti-fatigue for long time working.

This tattoo machine provides you with high accuracy and stable tattoo session. The machine’s ability to conduct electricity is excellent.

Dragonhawk coils tattoo machine contains everything that you can expect from a coil tattoo machine. It can also be set for shading.

If you are looking for a machine that contains all features at a very cheap price then Dragonhawk coils tattoo machine is the best option.


  • It is more durable.
  • Light weight.
  • It is affordable.
  • Risk free.
  • Item is returnable.


  • It can heat up after some minutes.
  • It must be clean constantly.
  • Mastering the guns can be challenging.

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  1. Hawink tattoo machine traditional coil coreless motor 

Hawink tattoo machine traditional coil cordless motor machine is an advanced version of the coil machine. This machine can complete the work of all the coils. Hence, it has a liner front spring and shader front spring. Magnetic power cord is also attached to the machine.

Being one of the best, the machine’s voltage can be changed when working. The machine can also change the frequency and strength through the voltage control motor to realize the free adjustment of the tattoo machine.

It has 4V started, 6-14V large adjustment range which enables the tattoo artist to exploit their imagination to meet the tattoos operating.

The traditional machine drives the cartridges needle to have a relatively large resistance, while the long-term use requires a relatively high capacitance.

In other words, the machine is full of strength which enables it to drive any large RM M1 cartridges. Hawink tattoo machine is a perfect machine for lining. It is a huge step up from Dragonhawk coil machine.

It is highly recommended for those who desire the best in tattooing. This Machine allows many tattooists to feel comfortable.


  • It has strong power.
  • It is super stable.
  • It is full of strength.
  • It is quite easy to master.
  • Advanced drive and murder control.


  • Continuous usage can lead to overheating and mechanical.

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  1. Dragonhaawk coils lining tattoo machine

This is another high quality product from dragonhawk. It is made from pure iron armature bar which has excellent magnetic conductivity. It has ten wrap coils.

It also made superior composite material, the spring is high elastic and anti-fatigue for long-time working.

This machine is extremely adjustable which enables you to make desires tattoo. This also enables you to make fine and clean lines. It can be set for lining.

This machine comes with great short circuit protection that allows you to use without anybody if damage.


  • This machine is handy
  • Best for beginners.
  • It is of high quality and great performance.


  • It is for lining only.

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  1. Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine.

Taking a look at the  machine, it is grayish in color which makes it very attractive and a machine you will want to use. Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine is simple, classic and the most suitable machine to precise line work with solid color packing.

This kind of machine can perfectly line and packs on difficult skins and places. The machine is also designed to work over a variable voltage range depending on your taste. This rotary machine can be connected to a power supply using an RCA or clip cord.

It is with injection molded scratch resistant ABS, premium components.

As you always desire a machine that you adjust to what you want, rotary machine has just made this possible because you can adjust the machine’s knob to get hard and soft hit.

It is very important to know that you can also have your work done within a short period because of its high speed.

This rotary machine uses special IC clip to control more sizes needles. It gives fewer traumas. Rotary tattoo machine made tattoo artists to make better tattoo styles.

It can also be used for lining shading and color packer.


  • High speed.
  • It adjuster.
  • It works better on difficult skins and places.
  • Its needles can work without rubber band.
  • It lines and shades very well.
  • The machine can be returned if not found in good condition .


  • It is only for lining
  • Parts can be damaged.

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  1. Qkiss professional tattoo pen, rotary motor machine tattoo

Qkiss professional tattoo is another too rated tattoo is another machine. It made of high quality aluminum material, which is durable, safe and practical.

The machine use imported high speed motor, strong and reliable performance.

It is your tattoo machine that is equipped with scientifically designed handle,  which can meet most People’s needs.

It adopts ten groove eccentric wheel to ensure the long service life. It is of minimize which makes it easy to carry around. The machine is flexible to use; this enables it to work perfectly for eyebrow tattoo or body tattoo, and it is labor saving.

It has low voltage start. The machine makes your work less traumatic because it is very easy control. It is a perfect machine for lining and shading.


  • Energy saving
  • Strong power
  • High frequency
  • Easy to control
  • Stable performance
  • Light in weight
  • lt is handy


  • It becomes hot after using for a longer  period of time.
  • parts can be damaged if mishandled.

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  1. Dragonhawk extreme v2 direct drive rotary tattoo machine

Dragonhawk extreme V2 tattoo machine is one of our top rated tattoo machines to meet your utmost demand. The machine is designed for a better accuracy and control.

The machine allows for more comfortable and precise tattooing procedures than traditional machines.

The extreme V2 is compatible with all brand disposable cartridge grips and tattoos grips. It could adjust the needles length stroke from 1mm to 5mm when you allow a tailored tattooing experience to accomplish a wide variety of styles and teachers (well-rounded rotary tattoo machine designed).

The machine has a clip cord connection with a simple design and efficient performance. It also comes with a little Allen key that you can use on the setscrew. The dragonhawk extreme V2 machine is available at remarkably affordable price.

Choosing this tattoo machine for your lining and shading will certainly be a worthy investment for you as a tattoo artist who is in pursue of tattooing as a hobby or career pursuit.


  • Great speed and adjustment.
  • It is with strong brass frame.
  • It can be use for lining, shading and coloring.
  • It uses standard needles.
  • Runs smooth with minimal vibration.


  • Using the tattoo machine can be challenging for beginners.
  • It requires maintenance excessively.

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  1. Tazay microblading practice skin

Tazay microblading practice skin is a practice skin set which enables its users to start needling the eyebrows on the silicone fake skin. It is made of soft layered thin silicone and comfortable that gives you an accurate depiction of proper needle depth.

The microblading skin is a professional pattern design for eyebrow.

The machine includes 5pcs microblading skin practice set which makes your work less traumatic. Tazay micro blading is also compatible with all size of cartridge needles.

This is a perfect choice for you to practice well. Hence, it is perfect for experiment with a new method on your techniques.

It has the structural characteristics of human skin; using the closest human skin texture made of special material. It offers you a unique skin touch feeling.

Whether you are a professional makeup artist, eyebrow specialist or amateur, a beginner, tattooing, you can enhance your skill without any problem since the fake skin practice sheets are made of quality synthetic materials that imitate skin as closely as possible.


  • It is returnable if not found in the proper order after buying.
  • It is of great quality.
  • It improves skills.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • It requires two sessions to get an ideal eyebrow.
  • It might hurt.

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Things to know before buying a tattoo machine for lining

When you are planning to get tattoo machine for lining, there are something that you need to consider in order,  to avoid making the wrong choice. Before buying a tattoo machine, you must know that the machines are classified into two broad groups.

The first group is tagged rotary tattoo machine while the second group is called coil tattoo machine

Rotary tattoo machine uses a small electric motor that is directly fixed to the needles which helps to move the needles up and down constantly. The amazing thing about this machine is that it is very quiet. The machine is light in weight and easy to handle.

It gives less hand and finger cramping. Its activities make the work of an artist efficient and better. A rotary machine can be used for lining and shading, all you need to do is to change the needle to switch from lining to shading.

Furthermore, coil tattoo machine is the most common type of tattoo machine for lining. This machine uses a coil through which current passes and drives the armature bar to which the needles are attached.

For this reason, the needles inject and retract on the skin. The machine can be loud which not a bad thing is because it allows the user to concentrate on work. It works so well and is so versatile.

More so, you need to decide the size and the shape of the machine you want to go for. As a newbie, it is not expected of you to go for a bigger as this can make learning much too difficult for you.

A professional artist can decide to go for any because he or she is not on training. This is not to make the newbie’s run from the machines that will be useful to them but to enable you choose right.

As am artist, you also need to consider getting the best quality as much as possible. This we have done for you by giving the top rated tattoo machine for lining so as not fall victim of bad market.

Another thing is to buy from a genuine dealer to avoid waste of money and to avoid ending up with wrong kit.


For you to succeed as either a newbie or professional in your question for tattooing there is the need for you to make the right choice of machine. I hope you choose from our top rated and best tattoo machines for lining to make your dream a reality.

When you choose the right machines for your artistry, remember that your work comes out beautiful and neat with fewer problems to deal with and less argument to debate with your customers.

Just as you are important, your work becomes inestimable when you use the right machines.








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