10 best tattoo kits for beginners – Reviews and Buyer’s guide 2020

In a quest for the beautification of your skin, you have searched everywhere for the best tattoo kits for beginners and you are yet to get the right choice for you. Good news! we’ve got you covered.

Without mincing words, tattooing is one of the hottest trends these days. It makes one attractive to the world of his or her own.

For this beauty to really emanate there is now the need for you to make a choice of the best professional tattoo kits which will enable you to start well even at the corner of your room.

As a newbie, the best tattoo kits for beginners will enable you win the heart of your lovers towards you. This is the reason you must choose the right tattoo kits for yourself.

It will enable you to become the best when it comes to tattoo. The tattoo kits for beginners can be use for shading and coloring without facing any problems. They all make ones work easier when tattooing.

Our expressions are not just for fun but we have made our researches to satisfy your unquenchable thirst to become a tattoo artist and the best only.

Before you make your choices, the following are the things you need to look forward to either as a beginner or intermediate and professional.

*Tattoo machine.

*Variable power supply.

*Set of inks and caps.

*Disposable tubing.

*Sterile tattoo needles.

*Antiseptic wash/supplies plus various bandages, gauze and gloves .

*Fash art.

*Practice ‘skin’.

*How-to booklet.

*Company catalogue for ordering. further supply.

*Aftercare kit.

*Autoclave with sterilization pouches.

Quality tattoo kits for beginners

Now you are on your way to choosing the best tattoo kit for yourself and others.The list of the best tattoo kits below are the ones we have found for you.

  1. SOLONG TK459

Solong  tattoo kits for beginners are unique kits for the beginners to add beauty to their body even at a desired place when they wish to. The  tattoo kit has a lot of parts that will make your tattooing easier and giving you the best result always.

Talking of its constituents, the kit contains 4pro tattoo machine guns for lining and shading. It also comes with 54 tattoo ink colors which are bright and safe for you to start well.

To show high quality of the kit, it is with LCD digital tattoo power supply with foot pedal and clips cord which make the control of the voltage easier and more accurately to direct your tattoo rhythm.

Not just the above, the kit is made up of fifty needles to enable you tattoo effectively. More to this are sixty tattoo tips, ten tattoo grips and one hundred ink cups.

The list of the items it contains is Inexhaustible, this is an indication that the tattoo kit is but, the best.

More so, it has one aluminum alloy case, one tattoo machine kit paper manual which will also help you to start well.


*It contains all you need to begin a good tattoo.

*It is affordable.

*It is easier to operate


*There is the need to keep the machine working under 12v.

*The tattoo from it is not permanent.

*Item is not returnable.

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  1. Wormhole tattoo pen kit (black)


Wormhole tattoo pen kit is also another wonderful tattoo kit we have got for you during the process of our research. The machine is a good choice for beginners, leaders and tattoo artist. This machine is being put in place for you to have good tattoo work.

The switch of the tattoo pen motor is up to 10,000/min. It contains tattoo pen, tattoo ink, tattoo needle cartridge, power supply, RCA, cord, foot pedal, ink caps to mention but a few.

With the aid of wormhole tattoo pen kit, your work becomes faster and easier.


*It is easier to use.

*It functions in diverse ways.

*It creates vibrant and lasting color.

*It is returnable.


*The machine can go deep into the skin.

*It has single color.

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  1. Wormhole tattoo kit (tk012)

This tattoo kit is another type of wormhole tattoo kit. The tattoo kit has been put in place to enable the beginners achieve their aims without any grudge or hindrance. It provides you with suitable, safe, convenient and reliable tattoo. The machine is made of cast iron and copper coils.

It is with a very good electrical and magnetic conductivity. It is of high accuracy and high frequency hitting with less power. It can be use to create simple smooth lines and meticulous shadier work.

The above-mentioned points are the more reason why you must choose this as a beginner. The machine supplies help you enjoy the art of tattoo and make an excellent work.

Its inks are purely extracted from the plants by professors to ensure its safety. There is no regret in choosing this kind of product.

The composition is also free of dangerous chemicals to prevent any form of hazards that you might have imagined. No fears, no worries; the machine is for your satisfaction.


*It is of stable working speed.

*It can work for about eight hours because of its high speed at a stretch without any heat.

*It is user friendly.

*It is light in weight.

*Provision of online guide.

*It comprises of many colors.


*Its structure is complicated.


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  1. Grinder tattoo kits

Still in search of more tattoo kits for yourself?  Grinder pirate face tattoo kits are the right choices for you. Just like the other machines introduced above are exceptions, these are also unique kits. This has been put together to meet your yearnings for a better tattoo kit. It is very easy to work with.

Its power supply is reliable and special. This machine is a versatile one and it is easy to modify. It grows with the owner as you both progress. The machine is a good choice for your lining and shading. Choosing these kits, you are on the right part to making a better beauty.


*It is reliable.

*It possesses radiant colors.

*Its inks are safe and long lasting.

*Easy to modify.


* Items not returnable.

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  1. Solong tattoo kit 4 tk453

This tattoo kit is another unique brand of Solong   tattoo kit. It has been put in place to meet all your yearnings for a good tattoo work. It is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to become a tattoo artist or professionals.

The machine runs faster to create fine and precise line work. It possesses a higher power to penetrate deep into the skin, creating vibrant and lasting color. You have been wondering about how you will scale through giving your body your dream beauty? This is another better choice for you to choose from.

It is made of steel to reduce weight for you and it is handmade constructed for better activity. This machine will also give you a sharper and a brighter image when used.

The inks are of positive colors and sterilized by gamma ray which makes this machine reliable to use.

The machine also contains a lot of items like pro digital tattoos power supply,1top foot pedal/switched,1set 54 full colors, disposable tattoo grips and some other special accessories which will make your work stress free. It has excellent set of equipment to meet every artist’s desire.


*It contains no harmful substances.

*Availability of online professional guide.

*It is easy for working.

*It is a newly improved design.

*Stable and strong power supply.

*It is returnable.


*There can be wounds when used but heals faster.


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  1. Chiitek starter beginner complete tattoo kit


Chiitek tattoo kit is another tattoo kit that can make the beautification of your body one in town. It is of the best quality and made with great care. It can work for a long period of time to satisfy you in terms of tattooing.

It is  a great kit for the beginners and professional artists. The machine makes your work quick and easy.  It is also a kind of machine you will like to purchase for your family and friends after getting yours. Its spring is high elastic and anti-fatigue for long-time working.

As a beginner,  this machine includes everything you need to get started. It is with awesome guns and colors just for your satisfaction. In the process of our research, we discovered that this will be another better choice for you to start well and also be the master of all in tattoo work.

It has 40 immortal tattoo inks and it is vegan friendly.It contains a total of 351 tools, very many and very comprehensive and it is very suitable for tattoo artists.

Its needles are sterilized  and individually packaged. The machine has higher power to penetrate deep into the skin to satisfy your desire for the best and lasting tattoo work. It helps you yo finish a healthy and beautiful tattoo.


*There is online guide on how to set up the kitchen.

*Free tattoo-teaching video.

*It is light in weight.

*It is adjustable.

*Issues pertaining to the machine can be fixed by the company.

*It is quick and easy.


*Tips are plastic and a little rough.

*It may stop working after two to three uses.

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  1. Itattoo rotary tattoo machine

This is another tattoo kit that is of great value. This beginner tattoo kit includes all tattoo supplies. Choosing this will enable you work your tattoo well. It is of different beautiful colors. This machine helps to bring out the best picture of you.

If you are the type with the peak desire to become a tattoo artist, then you will be making the right choice by choosing Tattoo rotary tattoo kit.

It is exceptional products with rotary that will enable you do your tattoo effectively. The machine contains ED sterilized tattoo needles, tips and more accessories for you as a tattoo artist. It is well packaged for mobility.


*Availability of professional online-guide for how to set up the tattoo kit .

*Free tattoo-teaching video.

*The kit is returnable if not working well (within 50days).

*Issues pertaining to the kit can be fixed.

*It is easy to use.


*The structure is complicated.

*It cannot be disassemble and assemble by the buyer.

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    1. Beginner complete tattoo kit

Because our major concern is how to satisfy you in your search for the best tattoo kit as an artist, here is another result we have found for you.

The list of our kits is inexhaustible because we desire the best for you just like when you love your child, you will allow him/her to make choices from diverse items.

We are here to quench your thirst in your journey of searching for the best tattoo kit.

The kit is with 1/4pcs tattoo machine and 2/LCD power supply system. This is also built-in-short circuit protection and its leakage protection makes it safer, steadier and more powerful when tattooing.

Other items with the machine include football pedal, clip cord, power cord; allot tattoo grips(4pcs comfortable),non-slip, firm, professional grips for each machine, which are also convenient to use. It has 50pcs grommet, which will help keep the machine needle steady. The needle itself is also of great quality.

The machine is packed with 50pcs rubber bands to help prevent the machine from vibrating. In addition to the aforementioned is 50pcs o-ring sure spring smooth with first set adjustment tool set for machine.

All these are put together to help satisfy your curiosity as an artist who is just beginning as a professional.


*It is safer.

*It has six-month warranty.

*The item is returnable.

*The beauty it creates is exceptional.


*Parts may be damaged when used.

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  1. Aw complete tattoo kit


AW complete tattoo kit is another package that will blow your mind as a newbie. This kit is an excellent choice for you to enjoy tattooing. Just as its name connotes, the machine is a complete kit with disposal supplies.

It is a perfect idea for apprentice and home visiting business tattoo artists. It is also a good coiled wrap machine which operates with low temperature, and will not overheat.

The machine is of comp360 degree convenient foot switch lete kit with disposal supplies and carrying case. Using this tattoo kit will make you desire buying it for friends and family. The machine is suitable for all levels tattoos artists and starters.


*It is returnable in 30days.

*It is affordable.

*It is for all and sundry.

*It contains tattoo safety instruction.


*It can be used for practice on skin only.

*It can cause allergy, if skin is not tested before use.

*It needs one taking proper care before use.

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  1. Solong tattoo complete tattoo kit 2

Without Solong tattoo kit, your beauty is made better. This is the more reason for bringing different packages from Solong on our list here. Words are not enough to prove this but your ability to give this brand a trial.

Solong tattoo is specialized in creating tattoo kits, tattoo machines, tattoo ink, tattoo needles, power supply and grips to satisfy every customer’s need.

Solong TK252 contains 2pro tattoo machine guns for lining and shading,10warps cool, LCD digital tattoo power supply with foot pedal and clips cord. It is also made up of 54bottles full colors practice tattoo ink,5ml/bottle. All inks are positive colors and sterilized just like other solong machines’ inks.

The other items it contains are 50 tattoo needles,60 tattoo tips,10 tattoo grips,100 ink cups and more accessories for your tattooing to be a distinct one.

It also possesses 1tattoo machine kit paper manual,1bottle loz ture black tattoo ink as gift to show how important your needs are to solong. Choosing this kit will never lead to a regret but a better beauty.


*It is very easy to use.

*It is returnable in 30 days.

*It contains diverse colors.


*Parts can be damaged.

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There are hundreds of tattoo kits for beginners on the market but the above-mentioned kits are the best we have discovered so far. The list of items is for you to make the right choice and have a better care for your skin in tattooing.

If you are serious on learning how to create your own tattoos or thinking of opening your own shop very soon or later; the tattoo kits listed are of better options and they can make your dreams feasible nonetheless your level in tattooing.

It is strongly recommended that you buy either of the items about to save you the stress of making wrong choices.

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