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10 Best pens for drawing on skin – Reviews and buyers’ guide 2020

Professional body art pens are becoming more popular for many reasons, they are for  fashion, beautification that is to enhance look, some people use markers to cover blemishes.

However, our  best pens for drawing on skin are the perfect match for drawing on skin with optimum satisfaction and very proficient drawing on your skin.

It can also be used for medical purposes (like a sketch out an incision line) and to create an identity. Beauty lovers and beauticians everywhere are catching on to this trend of drawing on the skin.

The major point now is that it is important to get or have the best pens for drawing on Skin so as to be safe and free from all sorts dangers (like ink poisoning when ingested) that are attached to it.

Safety tips on using the best pens to draw on the skin

It is important that you use the best pens to draw on your skin so that you can be safe from all sorts of dangers that one may incur from using wrong or unhealthy pen to draw on skin.

The dangers like ink poisoning once ingested skin cancer, skin irritation, skin burning which is from tattoo ink, and so on. There are some ingredients in tattoo ink that may be linked to cancer, When it comes to cancer, black ink can be especially dangerous because it contains a very high level of benzo(a)pyrene. So,

we recommend that you use the following pens product for your skin drawings:

1. Dragonhawk mast pen rotary tattoo

The Dragonhawk Mast rotary tattoo machine made of Space Aluminum frame and Japan motor. The Length is 11.7CM and the Weight is 120g. The Mast machine has a working voltage of 6V–9V.

It is designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety and easy to use because of its light in weight, it is a lightweight pen-style machine.

This machine features a powerful motor and an advanced gear system that guarantees reliable and quiet operation without any vibration, Light clear colors tip body, Better visibility (i.e. clear view and public prominence).

The WJX brand cartridges needles increases ink storage, Absorb inks faster. It also has popular cartridges all over world tattoo artists, mag curved tip at the end for easier cornering, better ink flow & shaped on the inside.

Needles made of 316 medical grade stainless steel. The Dragonhawk Mast tattoo machine is compatible with all cartridge needles type which Includes: Mast tattoo pen machine, power supply, 20pcs Wjx cartridges, carry case, foot pedal, dc cord, tattoo machine box.

It is durable, also the right and healthy pen for your drawing on skin, just be sure to follow or take precautions to use it

Usage: When you receive this power supply, press the button 3-5 seconds to light on/off it.

Dragonhawk cartridges come with close-mouthed tips which can make needles strike more steady and grab more ink each time.

Use tattoo needle cartridges that allow tattoo artists to set up needles and switch needle configuration very quickly during tattooing process. Exact fit for needle groups every time and Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.

Durable machine with pen-like design Flexible and lightweight for every style.  Mast rotary tattoo machine simple, classic, and the most suitable machine for precise line work, black and grey shading, solid color packing.

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2. Dragonahwk complete tattoo pen kit rotary

Dragonhawk Atom M1 tattoo pen machine is another best pens machine to draw on skin. It has RCA jack, continuous operation, Low noise, Long-lasting stability, Lightweight. Compatible with all standard cartridge needles.

This tattoo pen machine provides visible needles depth, the Dragonhawk tattoo power supply provides quick and accurate activation/voltage adjustments. Dragonhawk Atom M1 tattoo pen offers you a better user experience.

Usage: Rotate the tattoo machine grip to adjust the needle’s depth. 9000 R/Minute, strong and powerful, available for shading and lining. Stable operation between 6-9V with RCA cord connection.

The cartridges needles has high toughness silicone rebound maintains its original flexibility and strength with long time work. The indentation at tip enhances ink flow and saturation  while the membrane mechanism prevents ink spitback.

Atom M1 tattoo machine is packed with Dragonhawk tattoo power supply with cable, 20pcs disposable cartridges needles, Immortal colors.

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3. Dragonhawk cartridge tattoo machine kit pen

Dragonhawk Atom cartridge tattoo machine precision DC motor is also one of the best pens for drawing on skin. It has continuous operation, Low noise, Long-lasting stability, Light weight, uni-body and it is compatible with all cartridge needles, also has 20 Pcs tattoo needle cartridges.

Dragonhawk tattoo power supply fitted with rotary machine, Switch frequency of  55-165 Hz, Needle protrusion of 0 – 4.5 mm, Length of the stroke is 3.5mm. Dragonhawk Atom tattoo pen offers you a better user-experience.

The DRAGONHAWK Atom rotary machine is much quieter and vibrates less than conventional tattoo devices. But it still has high puncturing power and frequency. It is also designed to give you the closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with a tattoo machine.

Usage: Rotate the tattoo machine grip to adjust the needle’s deepth. 9000 R/Minute, it is strong and powerful, available for shading and lining. The  operation is stable between 6-9V with DC cord connection.

Package include 1pc Atom Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine with DC Clip Cord, 1pc Power Supply with cable, 20pcs assorted sizes Cartridge Needles 1pc Foot Pedal, 1pc tattoo kit carry case.

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4. Cartridge tattoo machine kit, Atomus pen rotary

It is a Complete Pen Tattoo Machine Kit that has a full package deal which includes 1pc Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine with DC Clip Cord, 1pc Power Supply with cable, 20pcs assorted sizes Cartridge Needles(5pcs of each 3RL/5RL/5M1/7M1 model) and 1pc Foot Pedal.

The tattoo machine is ergonomic pen-style machine which is designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety and also offers you a better user-experience. Just make sure to rotate the tattoo machine pen so as to adjust the needle’s length.

It is 9000 R/Minute, strong and powerful, available for shading and lining. The operation is stable between 6V-9V with DC cord connection.

Usage: It has Power Supply that is of two Optional Modes, when you Press Once, The red indicator is on, then the power supply enters the Working Mode, you do not need to control the foot pedal all the time.

When you Press twice: The red indicator is off then you will need to control the foot pedal all the time to use the tattoo machine.

The machine has High-grade Cartridge Needles with 20pcs mixed cartridge needles, the semi transparent tips makes it easier to observe the needle striking. The needle heads are made by 316L steel, high hardness and fast coloring.

ATOMUS focuses on the design, manufacture and sale of tattoo products, eyebrow tattoo products, makeup tools and personal care products.

If you are interested in our products and want to buy in bulk, please contact us directly, we will give you a nice discount. If you have any questions about the product,please contact us directly.

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5. Rotary pen tattoo machine kit-BMX pen 

BMX Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine features a powerful motor and an advanced gear system that guarantees reliable, quiet operation, Lower noise, Less Vibration than Coil Tattoo machine gun.

It is packed with 10 pcs tattoo needle cartridges, BMX tattoo power supply which is fitted with rotary machine. You can twist the machine frame to adjust the depth of needles from 0 to 4.5mm.

It is available for shading and lining, 3.5mm stocke for linner, 3.0mm stocke for shader. The operation is stable between 6-9V with DC cord connection. The tattoo pen has the speed of max. 10000RPM, input of max. 12V.

CNC tattoo pen made of aviation aluminum, light weight, unibody, and is compatible with all tattoo cartridge needles.

You can adjust the intensity and frequency of the power, frequency, cutting, fogging, color, portrait and so on according to the requirements.

It is easy and quick to color, skin lesions is smaller. It has powerful motor with strong and stable performance, exquisite workmanship (finely beautiful, perfect and delightful), it is not hot after long time work.

The rocket shape design is creative and fashion.

This tattoo  power supply in the tattoo rotary machine kit get to work immediately with the quick push of a button; And the easy-turn analog dial, which offers the same precision as digital voltage control. And can jump start up machine or motor below 6V

NOTE: It is important to press the button 3-5 seconds to power on the BMX tattoo power supply.

BMX is Professional tattoo equipment company that focus on providing high quality products (such as Rotary Tattoo Pen, Tattoo Power Supply and cartridge needles etc) of Tattoo.

Hope that our products can bring you a safe, beautiful and happy life.

18 Month warranty is guaranteed, Life-time Technical Support, Totally NO RISK Order!
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6. Solong tattoo machine pen kit rotary tattoo


Solong rotary tattoo pen is CNC-Machined by aircraft Aluminium alloy and then anodized finish. It is also one of the best pens for drawing on skin which is also designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety and also offers you a better user-experience.

The motor is 10w made in Taiwan, low noise, long-lasting stability, unibody. It is a lightweight pen-style machine.

The Rotary Tattoo Kit including: a tattoo pen of 40pcs cartridges needles, a power supply and power cord, pedal and other accessories.

The 40 Pcs tattoo cartridges needles are sterilized and individually packaged. It has better ink flow & shaped on the inside. It is stable, accurate and reliable.
Solong tattoo power supply provides quick and accurate voltage adjustments. It improves machine work stability and efficiency from the power supply.

Solong Tattoo is designed to give you a better tattoo experience. CE certification is one year warranty.

The Machine is very quiet, and stable, Light, yet sturdy. Needle depth and Power supply is excellent. It works perfectly. The Needles are of great quality.

When you buy and use it you would definitely enjoy it and never regret purchasing it because you will surely know that your money is rightly channeled.

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7. Wormhole tattoo pen kit cartridge tattoo

Wormhole Tattoo complete and professional rotary tattoo machine kit is a good choice for beginners, learners, tattoo artists. It is another pen tattoo machine that gives you assurance of safety, comfort, efficiency, stability and one of the best tattoo pen for drawing on skin.

Tattoo is becoming a part of life so Tattoo pen kit is a good choice for tattoo artist to improve tattoo skills. Wormhole Tattoo offers varieties of tattoo equipment to meet customers’ different demands. Especially for the people who are in middle-income.

Beginner tattoo kits, professional tattoo kit, tattoo pens and cartridge needles are supplied by Wormhole Tattoo. Integrated design of the tattoo pen is closer to draw.

It will save more time and more money than install and adjust a coil tattoo machine.

The switch of the tattoo pen motor is up to 10,000/min and you can use the tattoo pen as both a tattoo liner machine and a tattoo shader machine.

At liner voltage, Wormhole Tattoo pen runs faster to create fine and precise line work, at shader voltage, the pen has higher power to penetrate deep into the skin, creating vibrant and lasting color.

A starter rotary tattoo machine kit includes all tattoo supplies: tattoo pen, tattoo ink, tattoo needle cartridge, power supply, RCA cor, foot pedal, ink caps etc.

If the rotary tattoo machine kit does not work well, please feel free to contact us to get the issues fixed. Furthermore, we guarantee free replacement service for all our products during warranty.

NOTE: It is important to study and understand how this machine works in order to take necessary precautions. It is as follows:

  • Do not handle any part of the plug or appliance with wet hands.
  • Do not unplug by pulling on the cable. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cable.
  •  Contact the Itattoo customer service when service or repair is required.
  • The main power supply shall be located in a children’s untouched position. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • In order to avoid damage to your tattoo kit, please do not drop, squeeze, impact, bend or let it bear too much power.
  • . Do not place the tattoo kit in damp, extreme or long-term hot, cold, wet places or other unfavorable conditions.
  • Do not incinerate this appliance even if it is severely damaged.

WARNING: *We do not recommend beginners to tattoo on human skin. If there are no professional prepare working and professional aftercare, it may cause wound on human skin and the wound may be infected and damage the skin.

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8. Hawink rotary tattoo machine

This machine is a German Coreless motor which offers excellent performance, Silent, low vibration, made of alloy for strong durability, fast running speed and excellent stability. It is used together with cartridge needles that are driven by elastic rubber. The tattoo machine is ergonomic pen-style machine that is designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, also offers you a better user-experience.

The operation is easier than you expect because it has built-in powerful motor that is great for tattoo shading and lining. The  starting voltage recommended is 4V and the Product parameters are weight: 182.5g. Adjustable Stroke: 0- 4.2mm, 3.5mm needle depth with RCA connection. Aluminum Alloy material, Product voltage: 7-14 V, the Package include one rotary tattoo machine, 1pcs detachable tattoo grip and HAWINK RCA cord.

For more information: please contact us directly if you have any questions about the product any of our products.

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9. JellyfishPro cartridge tattoo pen

This is also one of the best tattoo pen you should look for when choosing which a tattoo pen to draw on skin. It is durable, reliable, and has excellent performance.It is ergonomic pen-style machine in nature that is designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and provides you a better user-experience. It also has fast running speed and excellent stability.

The package include: 1 cartridge Pen, 1 power supply, 1 foot switch, 1 DC cord, 4 cartridge needles (2R+2M) Random, 1 rubber anti-slip ring, 1 practice skin.

Cartirdge pen uses MABUCHI MOTOR from Japan which makes it more durable, the frame made by aluminium alloy via CNC, low weight, only 169g (0.37lb), the size of pen in length is 119mm (4.69 in), in diameter is 28mm (1.1 in).

Power supply can suit 110v-240v, the frame is made by aluminum alloy, this makes it has excellent heat dissipation. This kit is great for beginners and tattoo school.

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10. Stigma tattoo machine kit rotary tattoo machine.

Stigma tattoo machine kit is another best pen tattoo machine you should choose when buying a a pen machine to draw on skin.It is a powerfully strong machine for linning and shading. STIGMA rotary tattoo machine pen kit is a 1 rotary tattoo pen with japanese motor ,the length of the needle can be adjusted regularly. Each of the Hybrid Tattoo Pen is CNC-Machined by aircraft Aluminum alloy, it has low noise, strong and stable to work, it does not heat out from long time working.It has 20 PCS stigma tattoo cartridges , a high quality RCA connector cords, digital power supply, and 100 pcs disposable covers.

It is a Professional Tattoo Pen Kit that produce no noise while operation, the needles function fluently, it does long-lasting work without producing heat, it is designed for Tattooists, also has great performance in making lines and suitable for all tattoo cartridge of the market.

It is a professional rotary tattoo kit for tattoo artist with CE certification and one year warranty.


NOTE: Please keep the machine working under 12V to protect the power supply and the machine gun.

Important information: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists.

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site. We recommend that you always read and follow labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.

For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional.

You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem.

We assume no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

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How to use tattoo pen as a beginner 

There are types of equipment you should have and know how they operate to draw tattoo on skin with the tattoo pen. Luckily, you can create a permanent looking tattoo with a pen at home easily.

These are the equipment needed:

  • Tattoo machine: there is a liner type of tattoo machine and a shader type. A liner type of tattoo machine will be preferable for the beginner learning how to use tattoo pen.I am assuming that you know the difference between a liner and shader type of tattoo machine from the different kind of best tattoo pen having discussed earlier.Those types of tattoo machines give basic mechanics that helps to create tattoo patterns or designs a hundred percent better.
  • Power supply: if you have one from a kit, or you spent a little more change for one, settings on these things are an absolute must to have figured out.Tuning your machine correctly will help you manage the normal current you run through your tattoo machines, making it easier to adjust your power supply if tattooing at different locations and your equipment gets knocked around.
  • A foot pedal: this used to activate a current or terminate a current by simply pressing or lifting your foot on the device.
  • A clip cord:this connects your machine to the power supply while the foot pedal activates or terminates the current that goes to your tattoo machine.
  • Lining tube:there is need for tattoo lining tube to work with a tattoo machine, diamond shape dimension is great for the beginner, and a person with plenty of experience seem to prefer these shaped tube tips as well.
  • Lining needle:a proper lining needle is needed to have perfect lines mapped out while drawing.The standard bug pin tight needle grouping gives a solid line every time, if you received a kit and are not sure what type of needles you have, just make sure that the liner grouping you are attempting to use is round in nature like the head of a pen.
  • Rubber bands: Next thing is to make sure you get at least two to three rubber bands that will fit snugly around the tattoo machine (holds your needle bar firmly in place allowing for an excellent line while tattooing.)
  • Armature bar nipples:This is an essential part of the gear you need, unless you understand the mechanical components of the machine and how the needle bar loop fits and functions.Try to use these items, they will help you to establish great tattooed lines.
  • Ink caps: As beginners, I will suggest you use the larger sized caps if you have different sized ones.
  • Ink: when you get a tattoo kit, you should go for brand named inks so as to give you quality design or pattern.
  • A tub of Vaseline:You will use this on the skin during the tattoo process, it prevents the ink from sticking to the skin and allowing better attention to the line work, or shading that you are doing.
  • Water: At least one cup of water or sometimes up to three cups depending on how extensive the lining or shading is.
  • Paper towels: Plenty of paper towels should be available. The best size towel is the 11×10 folds well into shapes, you will value as we get really into the tattooing.
  • Razors: this is for shaving the area you will be tattooing because some dudes are hairy even so scary, and at times you will need more than one razor so use double blade, like 12 for 2 or three bucks.
  • Green soap solution: Most but not all kits will come with a green soap solution that you can reduce with spring or filtered water, city water out of your sink is ok too.Spray bottle is fine, squirt bottle in my opinion is about equal, the only noticeable difference in my opinion is that with a squirt bottle you generally apply it to the paper towel you are going to wipe.With this, give you more control with where you are wiping, instead of getting over spray on an already fading stencil, or spraying it into your buddy’s wife face.
    Squirt  bottle may be preferable.
  • Alcohol water 50/50 mix: Make sure your alcohol is 70% and above for it to be an effective cleaner.
  • Deodorant (Speed Stick):This is applied to the skin after it has been shaved to adhere a proper stencil. The alcohol in the deodorant evaporates allowing the stencil to dry to the skin semi-permanently.
  • Stencil: this is a great technique that will build your confidence. Do your best if starting out to use a stencil, Or  if you are free handing you should have found Sharpies to work great in comparison to spending three or four dollars on one skin scribe you can get from tattoo supply companies.

Having understand that equipment items are awesome to use for in-home tattooing. Methods of “practice” vary greatly.

If an artist is being properly trained in a shop by a professional with solid standard, they will generally begin on melons or grapefruits.

Pig skin is also a good practicing medium, excellent, but very expensive although it can be more difficult to come across because its exorbitant price and it is more of a pain to deal with.

The main thing you are trying to learn at this point is how to tattoo to a certain depth consistently to avoid “blowing out” lines.  This occurs when the ink is injected too deeply into the skin and the line “bleeds” out into the surrounding area and looks cloudy.

Once the mentor feels the apprentice has accomplished this task, they may be able to move on to tattooing a simple design on a person.

This is where the real education takes place, because you have to learn proper stretching techniques, how to deal with a canvas that may involuntarily twitch, and in general learn to deal with the fact that you are trying to create a piece of work on an actual living being that may be in discomfort from the process, or nervous, or anxious, or even be experiencing pleasure from the painful sensation.

This part of the learning curve never ends, because each and every person is different!

You should be cautious of getting tattooed by someone without the proper training, a bad tattoo can ruin once personality and grant one an inferior complex for life because  Tattoo machines don’t have erasers, and people are trusting you to give them a piece of art that they will want to love and treasure forever.

Practice makes perfect i.e. continuous practice with being consistent and persistent makes you a perfect tattoo artist. However, if you really love tattooing you will want to put in everything you have into becoming the best you can be.

Technique is developed with experience, but basic principles are something that requires a combination of talent, skills, art academics and special ability.

Another important part of learning or becoming a great tattoo artist is the application of flash art. Flash Art explores a sort of archaeology of images.


Tattoo drawing on skin are used to mark events or to show affiliation to various  or particular groups or clubs. However to get the best pen set that works well, our top 10 picked and earlier discussed stand out.

In the tattoo industry, Dragonhawk has manufactured many quality products for over two decades now. Rated highly on Amazon, for instance, this complete tattoo kit is one of the best in 2019.

This makes them ideal for people of all skill levels. Today, many people of all ages, status and caliber have tattoos that symbolize many things.

They also have professional-grade designs that improve the works of their users. The increase in the demand for tattoos presents a good business opportunity for artists.

If you are looking for an affordable unit that delivers good results, buy our product today. The quality of the ink that you use matters to create a tattoo.

The low-grade brands available on the Internet are low in standard and they can damage the skin easily because they are toxic, this harms the health of clients.

Things to consider when buying tattoo pen kits

There are many things to consider when buying tattoo pen kits or drawing on skin, the first to consider among st every other one is that you are with them for the rest of your life.

Your body will change.  Getting tattoos might be liberating and give you a true sense of freedom and expression, however, you will age and the tattoos will age with you.

What makes tattoo great and perfect aside from the design, color and size is that it should not be done by someone with no or less proper experience and right equipment, so that it can justify the design.

As a tattoo artist you have to invest on your tattoo machine which is why some things are needed to be taken into consideration before buying or when buying your tattoo pen kits, here are some guidelines that may be of help to decide and choose the perfect tattoo pen kits for you.

The most important tool out of all is the tattoo pen machine, it may be the most expensive thing you buy when starting your career as tattoo artist.

There is one for outlining and the other for shading. it is best to ask more experienced tattoo artist and read more about different brands of tattoo machine when choosing to get it.

It is important to consider the quality of the tattoo machine, and also choose ones that made of copper, iron, or brass. It may be expensive than others but you will realize that you have made the right decision at the long run.

Aside from the tattoo machine, you also need to buy tattoo needles. There are different kinds of tattoo needles. Small needles are used to create thin outlines, small tattoos, and details while Large needles are used for bold tattoo outlines and shading.

You will also need to buy the complete parts of your tattoo machine which are: the power supply, clip cord, and the foot switch.

These parts can be bought separately or as a whole kit. It’s expedient to buy extra parts, so that you can have back up for your machine when needed.

The tattoo machine must be compatible with the power supply, so check the ratings and all other specs of the machine to make sure it is compatible with the power supply. It is appropriate that every part and equipment of the machine work perfectly together.

The other items you need to buy are grommets, O-rings, barrier bags, rubber bands and plastic tubes. You will have to decide on whether to buy the disposable kind of plastic tubes or the reusable ones.

If you want to buy these items, you can find them on different tattoo supply shops but to avoid the difficulty or trouble of getting the good and durable ones, look for tattoo shops that have an online store.

That is why we recommend our best 10 pen tattoo kits for you having discussed earlier above. They are the perfect match for your learning how to draw on skin as a beginner.

Since we have already discussed earlier on how to use the tattoo machine I’m pretty sure you have an idea on how a tattoo machine works. That way, you’ll have an idea on which one is best for you.

It is important to have knowledge on how to clean and maintain the tattoo machine and the equipment also.

Finally, the essentials things you have consider in every tattoo kit would be: Tattoo machines. Of course, Power supply with foot switch.

High quality tattoo ink with needles, ink caps, cup holders, Sterilization equipment, gloves and for beginners, a guide idea would have to include some practicing skins plus designs book and some educational materials.

In case you are looking for a tattoo kit for a professional, then here are the set of things that you may need to take care of to be in your kit which includes -An aluminum carry case, a tattoo machine, A big wasp silicon tattoo RCA cord, power supply, high-quality foot switch, Big WASP pro tattoo needle,  aluminum tattoo grips, along with the needed accessories.

For more detailed information or to make a purchase, you may have a look at the websites dealing with the tattoo needle cartridges like.


Best pens for drawing on the skin, having discussed earlier on the best and right pen for drawing on the skin, it is very important to always be on the look for safety first before every other facts or advantage we are hoping to get from everything we do.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so you have to treat it well and it will provide you with quality and longevity.

That is why we recommended some of our 10 best pens for drawing on skin to you because it is of high quality, last longer than ordinary pens, does not bleed or spread too much on the skin, not poisonous, have multiple nib sizes and a perfect match for you. You should also note that these items are returnable in case of malfunctioning or factory defect.

There is wide variety of pens for drawing on skin but not all of them are safe to be used.  However, not all pens are great when using on the skin.

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